About The Zoo Rockers

About The Zoo Rockers

The Zoo Rockers are Bebop the Bear, Glissando the Snake, Maestro the Penguin, and friends who discover a ‘world beyond the cage’ through musical inspiration and collaboration.

About the Creative Team

Regina Klein (writer/co-producer)’s training and work as a Music Therapist in educational and healthcare settings, and her love of children’s musical theater and animation gave rise to the pesky creatures and storyline that are The Zoo Rockers.

“The Zoo Rockers” features an ensemble cast of twelve and was produced with Grammy Award-winning engineer, Bob Wayne at his Culver City-based studios, Sunburst Recording.  Bob has engineered and/or produced a wide array of musical genres, including Americana, Jazz, Comedy and Children’s music for film/media and record labels including Shout! Factory, Kid Rhino and Rhino Records.  Featured artists have included: Adam Sandler, Firesign Theatre, George Carlin, Richie Havens, Mickey Dolenz, as well as his own group, Big Daddy (the Band of ‘59).

Illustrations by Pat O’Brien.


A Rich Crop of Indie Releases: “The Zoo Rockers,” a humorous children’s audio-musical with story, songs, and characters… — Moira McCormick, Billboard Music, August 26, 1995